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  • Introduction of Fintech Salon

    Fintech Salon is the first innovation and startup service platform focused on blockchain and financial technology in China. Evolved from the "Shanghai Bitcoin Startup Club" which was founded in 2013, it is also the first startup club focusing on cryptography currency, digital assets and blockchain technology. Garnered a broad recognition and influence in China's financial technology industry and startup ecosystem, Fintech Salon has renowned senior industry leadership along with the blossom of financial technology, it has grown from a small interest club in early days to an industry reputable service provider focusing on hosting industry summits and offering business consulting.

    Fintech Salon was co-sponsored by 18 well-known enterprises (Tongji University, IBM, the European financial, Huobi Technology, Taiyi, Guojin securities, Qiaobao Jinfu, Lei Ying financial technology, Shanghai big data innovation base, Shanghai Block Chain innovation center, Shanghai financial valley, Rongze technology, TaiheTai (Shanghai) law firm, Hua Hong integrated circuits, Changliang technology, East China Technology, Yihu investment) in 2016. With academic resources from Tongji University's blockchain research lab and other qualified institutions, Fintech Salon has positioned itself as a platform to share the forefront development of blockchain technology and its innovative achievements. It is an established financial technology for the entrepreneurs and the experts especially in the blockchain industry to engage in in-depth discussions and interactions.

    Accompanied with recent continuous financial technology development and revolution, Fintech Salon is also embracing innovation. As an indispensable part in the financial technology ecosystem, Fintech Salon strives to become a professional third party service provider to bring in commercial and research values to blockchain, financial technology startups, media brand operation, academic research and more in order to provide the best service to the financial technology industry and practitioners in this field.

    Highlights of the Summit

    This summit will explore blockchain industry's government policy, investment environment, technological innovation, application innovation and other hot topics. In particular, it will focus on the government policy of financial technology innovation, blockchain industry development trend, the direction of blockchain technology and its application, blockchain technology's application in the traditional industry, blockchain industry's investment and financing, the trend of digital asset industry, and other related points. The host will set up closed-door meetings, keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, as well as cocktail parties and free exchange talks to promote better sharing and discussion for all participants. The summit is committed to build an open and professional platform for free exchanges and cooperation.

    Summit Structure





    15th August

    1st day of Summit

    Main Venue & International Blockchain Challenge

    16th August


    2nd day of Summit Sub Venue A

    Blockchain Industry Development Trend

    Application Exploration for Other Traditional Industries

    2nd day of Summit Sub Venue B

    Blockchain Industry Investment and Application Exploration

    Blockchain and Digital Assets

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